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Tie one on (for men only)

My friend Paul Radde gave me this tip many years ago, which I now teach in my public speaking course.

After taping one of my first major videos, I noticed that my tie was crooked for most of the video. It looked bad in person, but it looked absolutely HORRIBLE on video.

Here is the "trick of the trade" from my public speaking course:

1. After you have put on your tie, run the skinny part of the tie through the loop in the back of the main part of the tie.

2. Take a tie clip, or you could use a large paper clip or safety pin, and clip the skinny part of the tie to your shirt.

3. Put the tie clip or pin on the skinny part of your tie below the loop.

This holds the main part of your tie perfectly in the center for even the most animated presenter and hides the clip.

Thanks Paul. This tip has made my tie look good for the last seven years . . .

Oh, by the way Paul, can you come up with a tip that will help my face look better? hahahahaha (Self effacing humor...)

(And by the way, ladies -- what are you doing reading this when it says "(for men only)", do you want to read about your tricks?)


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