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Dueling Flip Charts

A different way to use flip charts is to put one on both sides of the stage and pop back and forth between the two of them. You can have someone from the audience volunteer at each flip chart helping you record input from other audience members. You will practice this technique while taking a public speaking course.

This has a tremendous "Wake em Up" value because:

* You have audience members on stage,

* You are in the audience, and

* Audience members are providing the input.

When you have mastered this area in your public speaking course, you are not limited to doing this with flip charts. You could have duel overhead projectors for larger crowds. You could still even have your PowerPoint on a screen in the middle of the stage. The mere fact the audience has to look this
way and that, back and forth, will help keep them awake.

You could even have flip charts placed all around the room so they are ready when you break up into smaller groups. Then the results pages could be torn off and taped in a row on the wall. This involves thinking ahead, and keeping the heads of your audience moving, back and forth, both inside and out.


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