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Odd Body Angles

Another technique I teach in my public speaking course is to not be afraid of presenting in different postures. Do you remember when the comedian/actor Steve Martin used to do his Walk like an Egyptian routine? The main reason it was so funny was because of the weird body angles he used. These moves might have been fine for Egyptian dancers, but looked absolutely ridiculous when Steve Martin did them. I do a routine where I do several sick looking Tai Chi moves. The audience can't help but laugh at how funny I look, and getting the audience to laugh is part of using your what you learned in your public speaking course.

Charlie Chaplain used the duck footed stance with his arms at his
sides, but hands turned up. He also waddled along. Although, I
am not an advocate of using a mirror in training, this is one time you can experiment in creating funny looking poses by thinking odd body angles. You'll guarantee more laughs when using this technique in your presentation.


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