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Public Speaking Course: 

Specific Objectives

You must find out exactly what you are supposed to accomplish during your presentations.

This is a very important part of the "proper prior preparation" you will learn of in your public speaking course.

It is best to have the specific points spelled out in writing. This can be handled with a question on your pre-program questionnaire.

If you don't get this information, you are open to complaints that you did not achieve the goals of the meeting organizers. And as you will know from your public speaking course,  if you lose your "connection" with the meeting planners, you lose, period, because you will lose your access to the audience for whom you work to connect, inform, entertain, educate, and inspire.

P.S. Just because this is a short article doesn't mean you should ignore it's BIG message. Ignore this point and it can mean BIG trouble for your career.


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