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Public Speaking Course: 

Words that Sell

The title of this public speaking course article is the same as a famous book by Richard Bayan that is used by marketing professionals around the world. As I was skimming through it the other day and  realized that the same words used by marketers and salesmen could be applied to a public speaker to get the same kinds of effects from your audience.

Basically we are just trying to sell our ideas during our presentation. We want to increase our credibility to the audience don't we? We want to move people to action don't we? These are all the things that good advertising copywriters try to accomplish when writing their words. Judiciously using the phrases in this book will give you a more scientific way to accomplish the goals of your speech. This book will give you the specific words and word phrases to pick from to get a certain response from the audience.

Example: Let's say you are telling the audience about a good resource
that you want them to check out. You want to persuade them to seek it
out and take advantage of it. You might turn to the "Words that Sell"
book and go to the "Informative" section. There you would find words
and phrases that mean valuable and informative.

You might say:

"This resource will:

* take the guesswork out of ...
* expand your knowledge ...
* help to alter your perceptions of ...
* keep you abreast of ...
* give you new insight ...
* give you the hard facts ...
* keep you ahead of the game ...

There were 33 phrases in that section alone. This book will simplify
your work especially when you are searching for just the right thing to
say to make a particular point in your presentation. In addition, it is an indispensable
tool to have around when you are writing copy for your promotional
material and website that advances your presentation skills.


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